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Taking on the legal title of parent can be both thrilling and legally challenging. You need to have an experienced adoption lawyer in your corner. I have extensive experience helping people with adoptions, legitimations, and name changes.


The most common form of adoption is step-parent adoption. When you marry a person who already has children, you may want full parental rights. Usually, both biological parents must agree to your adoption of your stepchild. Your new spouse may be pleased by your decision, but the other parent often presents an obstacle.  However, I can help persuade the court to terminate parental rights if that parent—

  • Has abandoned the child
  • Cannot be located
  • Lacks the physical or mental fitness to care for the child
  • Has not communicated meaningfully with the child for at least a year
  • Has not provided for the support of the child

If adoption is in the child's best interest, I help make the case for your legal rights as an adoptive step-parent.  I also assist with other forms of adoption, including those by other family members as well as agency adoptions.


If you have fathered a child out of wedlock and do not plan to marry the child's mother, you may seek legitimation of your role as the father. Even if the mother is not in favor of your legal role as father of the child, you can still be granted your rights. Whether the situation is mutually agreed upon or is contentious, fathers should seek legitimation prior to pursuing other parenting goals such as:

  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Adoption

An experienced lawyer can help you prevail in a legitimation case. I have the background necessary to help you win your parental rights.

Name changes

When you assume sole or shared parental responsibility for a child, you may want to give that child your last name. This need often arises during divorce, legitimations, and step-parent adoptions. The forms for changing a child's name may appear straightforward, but other interested parties may contest the petition. A skilled domestic relations attorney can help you justify your reasons for the name change. I help move your petition smoothly through to approval.

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