Criminal Defense Lawyer in Newnan

Solid representation for felony and misdemeanor charges

Your first encounter with law enforcement can fill you with uncertainty about your future. I help ease your worries and talk you through the realities of the charges that you are facing. My comfortable command of Georgia criminal law will make you confident that you have chosen the right criminal defense attorney.

No two cases are alike

No matter what crime you are accused of, I listen carefully to your version of events and develop a defense strategy that is specific to your case. You can count on me to vigorously defend you against charges including—

  • DUI
  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Weapons violations
  • Drug possession
  • Sex crimes

Every situation is unique. I have broad experience as a criminal defense attorney, and I handle your case with an eye to the best possible outcome.

Aggressive DUI defense

Many people experience their first arrest when pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. A DUI arrest is frightening and can be confusing. You are probably unsure what will become of your driver's license, and whether you will have to go to jail.

Getting your driver's license back

When you are stopped by the police and accused of driving drunk, you will typically be asked to take a breath test. If you fail the test or refuse to take it, a suspension process will begin and you only have ten business days to request a hearing. And if you miss the ten days, then one month after your arrest your driver's license will be suspended for one year.

Whether you call me before or after the ten-day rule has passed, I can help you get your license back. People who appear before the Office of State Administrative Hearings with a lawyer at their side have a much better chance of beating the suspension. If we cannot prevent the suspension, I help you obtain a permit that allows you to drive to work.

Beating your criminal charges

As an experienced Georgia DUI lawyer, I know how to carefully examine your drunk driving charges and give you a fighting chance at avoiding a conviction. I will question whether the arresting officer—

  • Had a reasonable suspicion to pull you over
  • Had probable cause to arrest you
  • Read the Georgia Implied Consent Notice before giving you a blood test
  • Conducted any chemical tests (breath, blood, urine) improperly
  • Took statements from you without reading your Miranda rights

Often I can get your charges dismissed. If not, I am fully prepared to take your case to trial and fight for an acquittal.

Put your trust in a talented Newnan criminal defense lawyer

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