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Compassion and confidence in your difficult time

As an experienced domestic relations attorney, I understand that divorce is a painful experience. Let me guide you through all of the necessary steps. I always aim for your divorce to go as smoothly as possible, and you can count on me to take a tough stand if conflicts arise.

Division of property

In Georgia, marital property must be divided equitably during a divorce. Note that this does not always mean equally. The court considers factors including income, earning capacity, and even the behavior of each spouse during your marriage. I make a firm case for a division of property that is fair and appropriate to your personal circumstance.

Taking care of your children

Child custody and visitation

Georgia divorce courts have broad discretion in making custody awards. Their general standard is to uphold the best interests of the child. I work with you to determine exactly what those best interests are and then make every effort to persuade the judge to see your point of view regarding custody of your children.

If you do not have primary physical custody of your children, you have the right to visit them. The court sets the frequency and schedule of your visitation as part of the custody order.

Child support

Georgia law establishes child support payments as a percentage of the parents' combined income. However, there are many child-rearing costs that are separately considered, such as—

  • Medical insurance
  • School tuition
  • Tutoring
  • Extraordinary medical expenses
  • Extracurricular expenses

I make sure the judge has a fair and clear view of all relevant expenses that should influence child support.

Modifications of divorce orders

To earn a modification of any order related to your divorce, we must demonstrate that there has been a substantial change in circumstances. Such changes may involve income, residence, or inappropriate behavior of the other parent. Contempt for the existing orders frequently comes up as a basis for modification. I fight for adjustments to the divorce decree that will restore your sense of fairness for yourself and your children.

Work with a thorough divorce lawyer in Newnan

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